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Motherhood is one of the most beautiful, yet demanding challenges a woman can face in life.

She is often left wondering, who am I? 

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I know that pre-motherhood I had a good sense of who I was, of what I wanted to achieve in life. As soon as I had my baby, it was as if my life spiralled out of control. I got dizzy + disorientated. I was caught up with feedings, naps + nappies + I totally lost who I was. It was such a strange + sad feeling, it was hard to compute.

As soon as baby arrives, it's as if all the pieces of your life as you know it are thrown into the air. They fall +  land in disarray on the floor around you. All the pieces of your life are still there, they're just all over the place. You're at a loss + you literally have NO time to even think about how to get them back together.

Calm Life is a coaching program to help mothers at any stage of their mothering journey to connect back to who they are. To find all the pieces of the puzzle of their lives, + to aid them in fitting them back together in the best way for them.

I am passionate about helping mothers make time for themselves. It's important. How can we support + nurture anyone else when we ourselves, are depleted? We must first fill our own cup, we must allow ourselves to do the things that light us up, before we can successfully look after another. I am here to support you in that.

*I hold a diploma in Performance Life Coaching with NLP - full bio here.

“We can change our lives. We can do,

have, and be exactly what we wish.”

– Tony Robbins

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what is coaching?

Coaching is a technique that allows you to tune into your mind, body and soul, so you are able to make the best decisions for your life.

To allow yourself to truly be YOU.

We often shy away from being our true selves for fear of being judged. Judged as being not good enough, not successful enough, not a good enough mother...And often the worst critic is ourself.

What if I was to tell you that you are good enough? That in fact, you are unique and no one else has your abilities and skills; and that which makes you an individual is your special power?

I am committed to working with those of you who are searching for more. Those of you who don't feel fulfilled in life, no matter what your circumstances are, and those of you who are ready to embrace who you truly are in order to get the best out of life, because lets face it, life's too short.

I work in a very person centred way, using mindfulness + practical coaching techniques.

 I believe that you have all the answers that you are searching for + only you know what's right for you. With guidance + support from me, you are able to unlock all that you have within + achieve all you set your sights on.

Whether you are searching for a new career direction or ways of getting back into work after becoming a mother, or you are eager to break away from negative, limiting beliefs about your role as a mother or life in generalthen coaching is for you.

I've found that since motherhood, with the right support + guidance, I've managed to achieve such amazing things. I've been empowered by my journey into motherhood + believe that if I can survive + blossom in that, then so can you.


coaching benefits

  • Increased confidence + happiness

  • Identify blocks, challenges + opportunities

  • Break away from old, negative patterns

  • Set + reach new goals

  • Increased job + life satisfaction

  • More effective time management

  • Increased self awareness + connection to self

  • Better understanding of yourself as a person + how that affects your life

  • Greater clarity

  • Better communication with yourself + others

  • unlock your hidden potential

what is coaching used for?

  • Career change

  • Setting up new business

  • Finding love

  • Finding + connecting to who you are

  • Releasing stress + anxiety

  • Body confidence

  • Personal confidence

  • Saving money

  • Finding life purpose

  • Finding clarity of life

  • Enhancing communication

coaching packages

Packages start in a 5 session bundle

 £70 an hour including a free 30 minute chat to look at which direction you would like to go in.