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'5 ways to be a calm mutha'

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EMPOWERING mothers + mothers-to-be 


Calm Mutha is the ultimate wellness service for mothers + mothers-to-be.

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With support right from the beginning, Calm Mutha provides everything from a bespoke antenatal Hypnobirthing course, to mother wellness + nurturing with a Postnatal Doula Service, right up to personalised life coaching sessions for the moment when you are ready to bring the focus back to you.  Whether that be a return to work or a new adventure, Calm Mutha has got you covered.

When my partner and I decided to have children the one thing that intimidated me was the actual birth process, until I met Maria. She really shifted my view of it from something “painful” and uncomfortable to actually empowering. I was then convinced I could and would have a natural birth. As life goes, my “birth plan” didn’t go to plan at all, as loads of complications occurred in the weeks running up to my due date, so much so that I had to get induced 3 weeks early. So although I was not able to give birth naturally the mindset, breathing and practice I did with Maria got me through a sweep, ballon, water being broken and drip. I got a really good understanding of what my body would be going through and how it is actually build to give birth which in return gave me a load of confidence and calmness when the time came. This is no voodoo, airy fairy thing, its applying facts, logic and embracing nature to empower you to bring life (corny I know but TRUE! :))
— Adrianna

Calm Mutha

services include:

a bespoke positive birth course designed to help parents feel calm yet empowered, and allow them to release fears + build confidence during childbirth. The course is taught in groups, one-to-one or over Skype.

a Postnatal Doula program developed to support + nurture new mothers during the vital first 40 days of motherhood.  Including mental + emotional support, breast/bottle feeding support, understanding the basics of caring for baby + full access to our network of pre + postnatal experts.

a coaching program designed to help mothers at all stages of motherhood identify + achieve  goals whether they be related to getting back into the workplace, starting a new venture or even just connecting back to themselves. I use NLP, energy healing as well as conventional coaching techniques. An approach that is powerful and gets effective results.

What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

That since day one she's already had everything she needs within herself.

It's the world that convinced her that she did not."

-Rupi Kaur

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who is calm mutha?

Hi I'm Maria, aka Calm Mutha.

I created Calm Mutha after the birth of my first child. Motherhood was a huge gigantic step into the unknown for me. It threw me off course. I felt totally unprepared for what was happening and at times it left me feeling lost and alone. My solace? To explore and learn about the journey into motherhood in great detail. I read every book, saw lots of experts talk and really delved into my own experiences via therapy and healing.

I was called to make this journey my work.

Already being a Intuitive Life Coach and healer working with women on overcoming obstacles in life, the most natural step for me was to move into the world of motherhood.

My own experiences have made me passionate about empowering mothers and mothers-to-be on their own journey, and the most intuitive thing for me to do was to start at the beginning by coaching women through Conscious Birth.

In my opinion, birth is a very spiritual and transformative process, and the more conscious we are of the process and how we emerge on the "other side", determines how we feel during those first few months and years of motherhood. Birth is something women were born to do. It’s within our innate wisdom to how to do it, I’m just here to help direct you back to that knowledge.

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The first few months of motherhood are a sacred time, a time where a mother and her baby need to be nurtured and supported fully to allow them a thriving start in their new roles in life. My role as a postnatal doula is nothing short of life changing for me and those that I work with. A postnatal doula is a role that has existed for centuries within communities. Women supporting and nurturing women into motherhood. However our modern day society, and a lack of integral connection amongst our families and communities has meant that more often than not, this support is missing. It is this support and nurturing during the first 40 days of a child being born that shapes us as mothers and something that I hold dear to my heart.

The journey into motherhood doesn't end after the newborn stage has completed.

When we become mothers, we are mothers for life.

We can feel the effects of our transition for months, years and decades even. This is why my work, for me is so important.

Motherhood isn't just one thing.

It is complex and beautiful.

That's why it is important for me to also provide a service where as an Intuitive Healing Coach I work with new mothers, mothers to be, women struggling to become mothers, working mothers and mothers whose children have already fled the coop. If you are a woman looking to become a mother or are already a mother, and you feel as though you need support and to be heard in a way which allows you to release blocks and thrive in life, then I am here for you. There will be a way we can work together and for you to get all the support you need.

I hope you can feel my passion and dedication for my work.

Dedication to you, Mama.

I can't wait to work with you.



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