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Support + Nurture for Muthas + Muthas To Be


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'5 ways to be a calm mutha'

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bringing positive birth + post birth experiences to mothers + mothers-to-be 


Calm Mutha is the ultimate wellness service for mothers + mothers-to-be.

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With support right from the beginning, Calm Mutha provides everything from a bespoke antenatal Hypnobirthing course, to mother wellness + nurturing with a Postnatal Doula Service, right up to personalised life coaching sessions for the moment when you are ready to bring the focus back to you.  Whether that be a return to work or a new adventure, Calm Mutha has got you covered.


Calm Mutha services include:

a bespoke positive birth Hypnobirthing course designed to help parents feel empowered, release fears + build confidence during childbirth which can be taught in groups, one-to-one or over Skype.

a Postnatal Doula program developed to support + nurture new mothers during the vital first 40 days of motherhood.  Including mental + emotional support, breast/bottle feeding support, understanding the basics of caring for baby + full access to our network of pre + postnatal experts.

a coaching program designed to help mothers at all stages of motherhood identify + achieve  goals whether they be related to getting back into the workplace, starting a new venture or even just connecting back to themselves.

What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

That since day one she's already had everything she needs within herself.

It's the world that convinced her that she did not."

-Rupi Kaur

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who is calm mutha?

Hi, I'm Maria, aka Calm Mutha.

I was inspired to create Calm Mutha after I gave birth to my first child.  Motherhood was a gigantic step into the unknown for me; our birth was tough + during the subsequent first few months I found myself lonely + in fear of expressing how I really felt in case I was cruelly judged as being a bad mother. 

Motherhood is hard + there's no shame in accepting that.

I suffered with birth trauma, post-natal depression + many months of feeling detached from my body + who I was a person. I wasn't sure how'd I'd gotten to this point + I had even less idea of how to deal with it. 

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I did a lot of soul searching, connected with a lot of amazing peer supporters, healers + nurturers + finally I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At that point, I knew I wanted to do something to help others.

Calm Mutha was born.

I'm passionate about helping mothers get the care + attention they need during the whole process of becoming a mother. For me it's so important that you are aware of + that you understand your choices pre-birth. It's also key that you feel empowered during your labour. A woman's body is sacred + magical so I've made it my mission to help you connect to + trust your birthing body with my bespoke hypnobirthing course.

My own difficulties post-birth have inspired me to become a Postnatal Doula, specifically honing in on the vital first 40 days after birth. Traditionally, a new mother + baby were cared for + supported by, extended family. Unfortunately in our society today, most of us have moved away from our families + so we lack that care + attention we need during the early stages of motherhood. Calm Mutha is that care + attention.

For both mother + father, parenthood is a minefield of hows, whys + whens. My role as your Doula will be to help give you as much information as possible for you to make informed + empowered decisions based on you + your baby.

Pre-baby, I worked as a Women's Empowerment + Life Coach. I helped women look within to find who they really were + what they wanted to achieve in order to live a life that they loved. I now use my skills + techniques to help mothers connect to the real essence of who they are, relinquishing all fear + anxiety + really helping them to embrace the next step on their life journey.

Everything that has led me to create Calm Mutha has been born out of personal experience, which means I bring to you an authentic, honest, warm service, that's full of love + dedication.

Dedication to you, Mama.

I can't wait to work with you.



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